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Acidic drinks and food and it’s effect on your teeth

Who doesn’t love orange juice for breakfast or refreshing lemonade on a hot day? Don’t worry we aren’t saying it will cause immediate tooth loss, however if you do enjoy acidic drinks or foods, over time you are more likely to have enamel erosion on your teeth. Here are some tips to help fight the […]


Have you ever been brushing your teeth or looking at your reflection and noticed a large bump on your gums? What is it? What causes this problem? How can your dentist treat the issue? Are there ways to get rid of the boil at home? WHAT CAUSES BUMPS ON GUMS? Bumps or boils on gums […]

What causes your teeth to turn yellow?

What causes your teeth to turn yellow? The yellow color on your teeth can be caused by stains from different liquids such as coffee, tea and wine. As you get older, your teeth turn yellow because the white enamel on your teeth begins to wear off, and the calcified tissue underneath is called dentin and […]

Milk is amazing for your teeth

Milk is amazing for your teeth because it’s full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It also contains phosphorus and calcium, which are great for your teeth because it helps strengthen and, repair tooth enamel.

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